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Mommy, I will remember you

The sense of life is to come and go.
Visualize, if I was given one moment to existent,
simply a tiny amount of a single cut of my past.
Even in my eyes, there is a wave of an ocean
And there are also tears of hope.

Gloom persist, symbols of emotion remain.
But still, I hope to hold 
that moment close until the end of time,
and that moment would happen eternally last.
I'd put the moment in a safe,
inside my heart's habitat.
I could open it when I needed,
also, I would know the code.

I will not choose any symbol for my code
Because Mommy, your love goes beyond everything else.
You shape up my destiny,
You hide my mess with some magical colors.

I want to cherish each moment with you,
Mommy, Want to hide your magical love, 
from a crowd of the world.
If I am feeling sad and lost,
Or If I am struggling with my life,
I can go and open my little magical locker,
which saved by your name mummy
and watch my moment across with you.

I have retained your portrait within my soul beneath.
Even I was given a tiny moment to live,
From that tiny of a moment, have to snip an entire lifetime.

Mommy wish I could show you,
Explosions of my sentiments
I will paint you the sky
I will splash them with my tears of joy
And this canvas for our moments of love..

Mommy, There are so many moments.
That would lift my souls and enhancement my incentive
The moments when you always picked me up
When the road was so hard to scramble.

I am building my little archive, rooted in my heart
For all the moments spent with you, mommy
There is not a day mommy
that I do not think of you.
Till flowers lose their petals till the heather,
has lost its precipitation – Till the end of time,
Mommy, I will remember you.

Please know that I escalate all the things that you do

Love you so much, Mom, happy Mother’s Day to you!


By rinrainbow-Collected from Magazineup

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