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 My heart is ready to surrender all.

My heart is ready to surrender all.

Every second of my existence, I’d spend with you.
I’d embellish you with my loyalty,
I’d tell you how much my spirit wishes for you.
Yes, my life is only with you.

This affection won’t cause diminution ever in life.
Be mine, and I’ll always be yours.
I know all your fascinating traits.
Nothing about you is mysterious to me.

When you’d come swaying in the tone,
I’d make you my odor.
The remedy to my desolation,
Is your persuasive smile,
Hundreds of lanterns are scorching in me.

As soon as I am aware of your presence near me,
These dry shells near the beach,
Came alive when you entered,
These dreamy eyes opened up wide.

When you came up,
This silhouette of mine,
Your love creates it,
When you give me full devotion.
My solitude finds harmony.

Even with your approval,
My breathing decides when to start works.
My heartbeat pauses when you call out my name.
You are the peaceful silence of a lagoon.
And I’m the wave of verses.

You are the ecosphere full of sensations.
And I’m just a tiny world in you.
There’s nothing unique in me.
But you make me unique.

You brighten up my sturdiness every time you call.
When the time is up, I begin to drop.
Every instant I endure
I live and breathe for you,
You are in my daily prayer.

For intervals when you’re not with me,
My urge and sentiment is here for you,
And I can’t illuminate.
I want to love you, and I can’t do anything else,
My heart is ready to surrender all.

All the places are just occupied with your aroma.

You don’t need to enter, and your cuddle is enough.
I want to survive in a world of love with you.
When I die, I want your hands to hold for a moment,
I want to feel you for the last time to 
feel the smoothness that changed my destiny.

You have given me the courage for enhancing tomorrow,
It's like an angel is showing me out of my grief.
Your love gives me essences of aroma,
And My breath is being scented,
by the fragrance of your love now.

 Collected from Magazineup.com

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